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Meet My Family!

Anyone who knows me, even just a little bit, knows that I am all about the dogs and the birds!  I am the proud recipient of loyalty and love from a handful of little tykes, Codie, Sam and Miss Ava...and, of course, Lucy and Ethel, and now, Tiki!  So, here they are, my little ones...


11/19/16 - RIP, my sweet little guy. Codie was a 3 year old cutie when we adopted him from The Charles County Humane Society. Codie was a feisty little brat from the moment we met him - nearly taking my hand off when I first approached him in his pen!  I realized that it was just fear, as he was so afraid being in a strange place, separated from his prior owner. He was given up, apparently, due to his owner's financial situation.  Codie will be 13 years old this year and he has been an amazing and enjoyable pup!  He has been a loyal, good boy through the years, but he definitely has a mind of his own.  He suffered with severe allergies for a while, until I changed his food....that simple change made all the difference in this little guy's life!  When the allergies left, he became a lot sweeter and calm.  Other than the allergies, Codie has been a trouble free, healthy guy!  As a senior dog, Codie is still spunky, loves to play hard and has a big personality!  He has gone deaf (or just has selective hearing) and has some grumpy moments, too, but we love him to pieces!   Codie's heart belongs to my daughter... he lives for and loves her!


Sam was also adopted from The Charles County Humane Society on a cold November day.  This bald baby was in his pen, without heat, wearing just a very thin jacket that only covered his back.  We visited the shelter that day to see about adopting another dog, but there was Sam, shivering on the cold floor....I had to put in an application to adopt him immediately because I could not leave him there in the cold!  I do not know much about Sam's past except that he was one of 8 dogs in his prior home.  He had been adopted out prior to me finding him, but was returned because "he is too much of a dog".    Sam was 3 years old when we adopted him.   I had never seen a Chinese Crested in person before...he was definitely an odd looking fella, to say the least!  Sammy  quickly conformed to life in my home with his brother, Codie. He had some severe medical issues, having come to me with a ruptured disc in his neck, but everything has been worked out with an amazing neurologist, Dr. McDonnell of Annapolis and his assistant Ryan, and Sam is doing so well.  You would never know that this little guy would have ever had such problems as a ruptured disc!  This little guy runs so fast, chasing squirrels, and he is insanely agile and powerful, even after all he had been through.  Most of the time, however, he is a couch potato.  He is my sweetheart and most loyal guy.  Sam is now 8 years old.  Sam loves his mom (me)...and I absolutely adore him.  


Miss Ava was adopted from Bare Paws Chinese Crested Rescue, a rescue that does amazing work.  She had been fostered by a great foster mom who really loved her and had her for over 8 months, but after researching Ava's life prior to going to her foster at Bare Paws, we saw that she really had it tough...really tough.  Ava had been a breeder dog for a horrid North Carolina breeder.  She was sick, had a debilitating eye condition and had been starved to the point where she refused to feed her babies.  Since she was of no value to the breeder, Ava entered "the system" through a Craigslist advertisement, and she bounced from person to person, until Bare Paws rescued her.  We adopted her a few years ago, when she was 3 years old, and she is the epitomy of sweetness.  Ava is now 6 years old.  This little girl inhales food like I have never seen any dog do...probably because she had been starved. Her dry eye condition has improved because of our awesome opthamalogist, Dr. Binder out of Calvert County, although her eye will be medicated for the remainder of her life, with multiple eye drops that are administered multiple times per day.   I adopted Ava when my daughter left for college, so I would still have a little girl around.  Miss Ava fell in love with her Pop, Tony, and he spoiles her to no end!  We are so happy and lucky to have this total sweetheart in our lives!  Miss Ava is a velcro dog!


Aaah, the girls! Lucy and Ethel have been with me since they were just 6 months old.  They are 13 years old now and still going strong!  I have forever been "bird crazy", having had parrots and assorted birds all my life, but these sisters are my final two.  Having birds that need fresh food and water daily, without fail, makes it very hard to take a vacation or travel. These two girls (they were dna tested, and tatooed, to identify them) are Spreos, or Superb Starlings, an African breed of starling (actually, nuisance birds in Africa).  These girls sure can sing and they do it all day long...long winded chatter and whistles, and an occasional squawk when Miss Ava comes too close to their cage.  I have loved owning these girls!  They have been awesome!



Tiki the pionus parrot is our newest flock member!  We love birds and especially love parrots!  Tiki is a 1 year old white capped pionus, a species from central and South America.  Quiet for a parrot, sweeter than sweet, and sometimes a little monster.  Tiki (short for Tequila) is our newest family, or "flock" member!  Having birds all my life, it was no surprise when my daughter asked for this little girl as a Christmas gift.  Tiki is a White Capped Pionus Parrot, a Central and South American species.  We selected a pionus parrot because they are generally quiet for a parrot, and my daughter will be eventually moving out on her own, so Tiki should make a nice apartment bird!  And, if she should disturb her future neighbors, Tiki will always have a home with me.  

Tiki has learned a few words.  She says "Hi", "pretty bird", "good boy" and her favorite thing to say is "What are you doing?".  She can call the dogs, she can turn around on command, she can fetch, and shake your finger when you say "how do you do?".  Tiki can also show you that she is a "Pretty Eagle" and lifts her wings to present.

Tiki is fully flighted, loves to fly from head to head, and back to her perch.  She will fly on command, too.  For a little parrot, she is quite smart.

We have really been enjoying Tiki...she is sweet, loves kisses (makes kissy noises, too), has a huge personality fpr a small parrot, she loves her fruits and veggies and loves to take baths.  She can be quite opinionated at times, but if you start scratching her little head, she changes her tune in no time!.  Our Tiki is an awesome, and welcome, addition to our family!  


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